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They ambush and kill security forces They ambush and kill security forces
They (generally) do not kill civilians They (generally) do not kill civilians
They are fighting for the rights of local tribals They are fighting for the rights of local people
They receive money and other benefits from foreign lands They receive money and other benefits from foreign lands
They say that government has ignored development in their areas They say that government has ignored development in their state
They say they have no job, no food, no house, no drinking water, and no education. They say they have no job, no food, no drinking water, and no education.
They say the deaf government will not listen through democratic non-violent methods so violent means are justifiable They say the deaf government has ignored their democratic non-violent protests and demands so now violent means are justifiable



We do not call them terrorists But we call them terrorists
We accuse Government of India for their taking up arms But we accuse Government of PAKISTAN for their taking up arms
We accuse security force’s brutalities for their taking up arms We applaud security force’s for their work in Kashmir
We have evidence to prove that they provide military training to children (6-16 yrs) and employ them in their operation We do not have any substantial evidence regarding involvement of small kids in the operation – at least none of them have been killed in operation with security forces
We support their fight against injustice done to their community – and call them TRIBAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS We condemn their fight against injustice done to their people – and call them TERRORISTS
The journalists, reporters, writers, and other people who support their cause and fight are called as SOCIAL ACTIVISTS The journalists, reporters, writers and other people who support their cause and fight are called as SEDITIOUS & TRAITORS

The question here is WHY?

If we are not willing to call the Naxalites as HINDU TERRORISTS, why do we call the Kashmiri youths as ISLAMIC TERRORISTS? For me there is no difference between a Naxalite (Hindu) and a Kashmiri youth (Muslim). If we cannot call the Naxals as Hindu Terrorists, PLEASE DON’T CALL THE KASHMIRI YOUTHS AS MUSLIM TERRORISTS.

India is one.

All Indians are equal .

All Indians, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, sex and place of birth have equal fundamental rights.

Then why this double stranded approach between Chhattisgarh and J&K. Why do we have draconian laws like Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA) in Kashmir and no such law in Chhattisgarh? (Don’t take this to mean that I support the implementation of AFSPA in Chhattisgarh – NO, NEVER).

Why do we have 700,000 security personnel for counter insurgency operations in Kashmir (c. 100,000 sq km) and not even 1% of it in Dantewada, (Bastar district – 40,000 sq km) – forget the size of whole Chhattisgarh.

Why do we appreciate the efforts of the people like Swami Agnivesh, Binayak Sen, Arundhati Roy and call them as sympathizers, on the other hand criticizing the similar ideology people from Kashmir – calling them Seditious.

Why is this double stranded approach towards Kashmiri people? Simply because we are Hindus and they are Muslims. India is a secular country and at least for me there is no difference between Chhattisgarh and Kashmir – a Naxalite and a Kashmiri Youth – a Muslim and a Hindu.



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the teenage boys as naxalites

This is exactly what I call courage journalism. The HEADLINES TODAY – an English new channel today documented an hour long episode on RED CHILD TERROR. The female journalist Ms Neha Dixit went inside the ‘Saranda jungle’ which even our security forces fear to move in. Although she was asked by the naxals to put down her camera, she managed to take the footage through a hidden camera. One need to have as much courage as Alexander the Great to perform such kind of job – because inside the jungle if you are  caught with the camera you will for sure be vapourised – no one is going to see you again.

According to Dixit’s report, there are around 400-500 child naxalites in Saranda forests. Dixit managed to speak to few child naxalites who openly spoke of their journey to dalam. The child naxalites are inducted at the age of six and given permanent commission in the organisation at sixteen. During this 10 yr of training period, they spend first few years as courier boys and spotters. Their duty is to keep vigil on the border areas of forests and report any outsiders in the forest. They seat themselves on machans atop high trees to keep track of any security force’s movements. They carry with them night vision binos. At the age when they should be taught about India’s Freedom Struggle, History, Culture, Geography and Scientific wonders, they are taught about Police brutalities, Maoist ideologies, Capitalists coming to forests and snatching away their lands, the romances of revenge and overthrowing the corrupt government by use of bullet.

After completing their preliminary course in the above syllabus they are provided military training which include rifle drill, planting IEDs, using RDX, rope climbing, building trenches and fox holes, ambushing, etc. At the age of sixteen they are posted with one of the department of dalam – Intelligence, Infantry, Police or even Judiciary.

One of the girl child naxalite confessed to Dixit that in their village every family has to send one member to the organisation otherwise everyone would be killed. Recalling her story she said one day when she returned to home after working in fields, she saw ashes of her burnt house. The members of dalam were present there – they said that Policemen set fire to her home and carried away her father. She is still not sure whether it was Police or someone else who set fire to her house.

Dixit also speaks about the modus operandi of Naxalites in combating security forces. Child Naxalites are put up as shields by the Naxals in the cross firing, often resulting in number of casualties among child naxalites. They are used as buffer zones and even if they are not very skilled with rifles they are made to fight on front lines because they are sure security forces would be reluctant to kill a child – and this is exactly – the Trap.

An exactly similar incident occurred in Bokaro, a district of Jharkhand, somewhere back in 2005-06. The CISF post was approached by some 30-40 children demanding water to quench their thirst. But as soon as CISF personnel ordered them to go away, the children opened fire. For few seconds CISF men were taken by surprise – and this was exactly the trap. Behind the children there were around 300-400 naxalites hiding and when they found CISF men engaged with children, they attacked the post with full might. The night long of cross firing resulted in multiple child naxalite’s death – or martyrdom as they call.

In J&K, on an average 600-650 Indian Army personnel get killed in terrorist activities every year –  that means in past 5 yrs around 3000 army personnel have died due to Muslim terrorism. The deaths due to bomb blasts in different cities of India during past 5 yrs cannot be in any case more than 1000. So adding up all these, the total deaths due to Muslim Terrorism in India in past 5 yrs stands at around 4000. On the other hand, if we can trust the report of The Economic Times, more than 10,500 people have died in seven states in past five yrs due to RED TERRORISM  – the one I prefer to call HINDU TERRORISM. If we further add up other Hindu Terrorist organisations like ULFA, BODO, NAGA, etc. the death tolls would be much higher.



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