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Hindu goddess Durga having sex with Tiger.

Tiger is considered as Goddess Durga’s chariot – her pet – her servant – a very obedient son.


Hindu goddess Laxmi naked on her son ganesha’s head.

Goddess Parvati is the real mother of Lord Ganesha, but in Hindu mythology Parvati and Laxmi are same persons.


Goddess Sita and Hanuman sitting nude on Ravana’s thigh

Goddess Sita who was abducted by demon Ravana and who tried to forcibly marry her is seen here sitting naked on Ravana’s thigh. Beside her is naked Lord Hanuman who considered Sita as her mother and also helped Sita’s husband Lord Rama in rescuing her from Ravana.


Nude Goddess Saraswati

Hindu Goddess Saraswati is considered as Goddess of Education and Intelligence. She is worshiped by almost all castes and classes of Hindus especially by the students as Mother of Education.


Nude Goddess Parvati

Goddess Parvati is wife of one of the most powerful Hindu Lord – Lord Shiva.

In this painting she is shown dancing nude with her son Lord Ganesha dancing on her hip.


Nude Draupadi

Draupadi, although not worshiped as Goddess but is considered as Hindu icon of feminine power and strength.

To save her modesty and honour, world’s greatest war was fought in North India which led to million deaths.


Nude Mother India

Indians worship their country as Goddess (bharat mata). In this painting she is shown naked with names of Indian states all over her body. Indian National Flag’s central wheel is also shown.


Rape of India

After Mumbai bomb blasts MF Hussain displayed this painting at London Art  Gallery titled ‘Rape of India’ which depicts Mother India as being raped by two bulls plus it also shows Goddess India is now divided in two parts and a man is pulling her breast. The blood coming out of Mother India is painted Green in colour.

Shouldn’t we condemn the writers and painters who in the name of Right to Expression make obscene comments about any particular religion or community. Even I have right to express myself but this does not mean I go out writing anything about any community’s culture or tradition or make mockery of their rituals. I want to write a thousand things about Islam and their sponsored terrorism but this does not mean that I have right to publish a book containing all derogatory remarks about their religion. Even I want to write thousand of bad words about Schedule Castes and their reservation policies. But I will never do that because I have no right to affect their caste sentiments. Even they have religious freedom and privacy which no one can encroach.

There are many writers, painters and film makers who try to gain cheap publicity for their otherwise boring works through these narrow methods. The Shah Rukh Khan’s movie ‘My name is Khan’ would not have fetched much viewers less he had made comments that the movie was inspired by his own incident where he was frisked by US airport authorities because of his surname. Similarly Mani Ratnam would not have had much popularity for his movie ‘Raavan’ if he had not allowed rumours to spread that his movie contains Raavan and Sita romantic scenes. And then Salman Rushdie. However Salman Rushdie’s book is a literary masterpiece – yet it has BEEN BANNED IN INDIA – why? Doesn’t the author has Right to Expression – don’t he have right to publish his book – why is his masterpiece banned in India whereas MF Hussain’s masterpiece not – isn’t this discrimination – the Constitutional Law students will agree with me that this is a sheer violation of Right to Equality. Anyways the most recent and above all is the statement from a Father of a US church that he will burn the copies of Quran on 9/11 anniversary. I am asking why there was such a hue and cry all over the world and condemnation came from Barack Obama himself. Why was there resentment the world over. What wrong was he doing? He was simply exercising his right of expression – expression of dissatisfaction over a book – he was simply burning a book – a simple book – what happens if that book by chance happens to be holy book of the Muslims – He has complete freedom to burn it and burn it publicly. Now you will say that people were condemning the act of burning because it may hurt the Muslim sentiments and may pose serious threat to peace and tranquility. If people did not like his burning the book and were urging him not to exercise his fundamental right which even the US constitution guarantees him, why wasn’t there any cry over MF Hussain paintings – why didn’t the people urged him not to exercise his fundamental right for the sake of peace and tranquility.

Now till this time most of you would have started considering me as a Hindu Fundamentalist, a RSS or BJP supporter, a Hindutva propagandist – a Narendra Modi lover. But look even I condemned this act of that Father or Brother of that church – whoever he was and I was happy when he didn’t carried out his intentions, because Quran is a holy book of Islam and burning it publicly would mean humiliating the Islam and its followers. I was happy as Quran was saved from being raped publicly – but where were the people of world when India was raped publicly in MF Hussain’s painting at London art gallery. Why were all people tight lipped when a man was tearing away the breast of Mother India and blood were coming out of her body and that blood too was green in colour. If people can relate Quran with Islam can’t they relate green color (the colour of Allah) with Islam. Why was he allowed to and given so much opportunity to arouse hatred among Hindus and Muslims – and guess what we condemn Narendra Modi for creating such hatred.

Again if Mr Hussain thought that he has done no wrong in painting Hindu Goddesses nude then why didn’t he appear before the court to answer the summons. After Mr Hussain refused a number of summons, a non-bailable arrest warrant was issued against him. If I have published anything about any particular community and I feel I have done no wrong then why won’t I answer any summons against me. Every person has a fundamental right to approach the court in case he feels his religious sentiments have been hurt and it is the duty of the person against whom the complaint has been lodged to answer the issues. Mr Hussain did not do anything except fleeing the country to avoid possible arrest!!!

Well I shall always have regret that Mr Hussain died before painting Prophet Mohammad having sex with her mother or Jesus Christ holding nude Mother Mary on his shoulders or Guru Nanak enjoying sex with his mother and aunts !!!!



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