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The Hindu : Opinion / Lead : A growing intolerance.

Rinkle Kumari aka Faryal Shah

Recently I came through a very interesting article on The Hindu Opinion/Lead page: A GROWING INTOLERANCE. Click Here to read

A very interesting fact highlighted by Ms Anita Joshua was that Jinnah, although being a Shia muslim, his state funeral was conducted through Sunni traditions. The country which does not have respect for its  “Father of the Nation” can never respect the minorities’ cultural and traditional beliefs. Its time Indian government must either start giving permanent visas to all the Hindus living in Pakistan (like Israel’s Law of Return which gives right to all the Jews anywhere in the world to return to Israel and gain citizenship) or take necessary measures for their safety through diplomatic process (which of course is not going to be successful).

Ms Joshua even highlighted the plight of not only the Hindus but also the Shia muslims and other minority sects of muslims in Pakistan. Even the Christians are not spared. Christians are so scared that they have started adopting Muslim names to hide their identities.Hindu girls are openly kidnapped, converted and then married off. Hindu community which are somewhat better than the Shia and Christians in terms of money and status (many of them are in civil services) are openly extorted of their cash and even shot dead.

However there is one problem in the implementation of Indian version of ‘Law of Return’ – India is a secular country and secularism does not favour any religion. If law is framed to bring back Hindus from Pakistan, the arguments will be put forward by many in the country citing it as anti-secular measure. On one hand we opened our borders for the Bangladeshis to come in during late 1960s, at the time when they were persecuted by the then Pakistan Government, but still we have locked doors for the Hindus of Pakistan who are meeting the same fate. And no one is even talking about it. On one hand thousands of families have managed to flee Pakistan and are staying in India amidst fear of being forcibly made to return to Pakistan by Indian authorities, if identified; and on the other hand we have one community destroying peace in various parts of the country and even damaging the Martyr’s memorial in Mumbai in support of their community members from Bay of Bengal. And guess they never have the fear of being sent back to their own country because most of them are recognised voters!


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