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MF Hussain was praised…. Salman Rushdie was ridiculed….and now Aseem Trivedi is seditious.

Cannot we have a same set of laws for everyone? Netas looting lakhs of crores are not traitors, MF Hussain painting nude Hindu deities is not blasphemous, but Rushdie and Trivedi are. WHY? Unfortunately Freedom of Speech is always attacked by Fascist mentality, which unfortunately is present in India also.

I remember my days at college. We had our problems. Every college students have problem with their authorities. This is nothing new. But since we had Indian Army as our authority (arian) we were denied to speak. There were goons in our college, but Army authorities told us to bear with them and even threatened us with dire consequences if we speak. Their excuse was that Army discipline does not tolerate complaints. Army means “SHUT UP AND FOLLOW”. We once tried to meet the higher authorities and they came to our college also. But only to say “…Law is an ass ‘and Lawyers are _._._’”. Yes literally. The higher authorities of Indian Army told the college authorities to throw away any one who is speaking against the authority. (And I thought we are living in India not Afghanistan and the college we are studying is managed by Indian army, not Taliban. Oops!)

We had problem with the quality of mess food. SHUT UP.                                                                         Girls wanted to wear their choice dress. SHUT UP.                                                                                    We wanted to have better sports equipments. SHUT UP.                                                                            We wanted professors for our subjects. SHUT UP.                                                                                     We wanted to elect our Student Representative. HOW DARE YOU?                                                            (Our student representative was elected by college authorities. True Democracy).

Well that was our college. And it is going to remain same (for a long time at least). Things may get better in future. How funny is it that on one hand our college is managed by Indian army but if you go to a Professor (most of them, sic) and say “Bhagwan Bhindrawala Amar Rahe”, you will get full marks in internals as well as full attendance. But if you dare speak ‘Hail Operation Blue Star’, you will for sure get zero in internals as well as external. (Oh! you will not be even allowed to give externals because of your low attendance). But that is defence administration which is obviously an exception in democracy. But what about civil administration – The Democracy, yes democracy, where citizens are masters and government is servant, where administration must always be managed by civilian authorities, where horses are meant to be inside stable and army inside barracks – what is happening in that democracy – which is supposedly the biggest in the world. Where the political parties are making millions and the person (Comptroller and Auditor General) who is exposing them is questioned of his integrity. Where a member of ruling political party even alleges that CAG of India has links with major opposition party? Where he is called to Public Accounts Committee and interrogated as if he was a criminal and MPs were Judges? Was Kasab also interrogated so harshly? Oh, he spat on the judge. (I heard it through media reports, please don’t charge me with contempt).

And now this Aseem Trivedi episode. I thought we only have one dictator in India (and that too in the eastern part of our country), but ah! Great we have one more in the form of Maharashtra Government. The same Maharashtra Government which has many ministers and bureaucrats involved in Adarsh scam – the army officers too. But no, they are patriots. Aseem Trivedi is traitor. The same Maharashtra Government which has leased out its governance function to a self styled Marathi godman (who has Bihari ancestors) and threatens all Biharis to flee Mumbai. He is not seditious. Why will he be? He is a true patriot like our ex-Telecom minister (who has given so much to our exchequer).

What has Trivedi done? Painted parliament as national toilet. Do you really disagree? Or you only are scared of the government and its torture agencies. We heard the famous dialogue from the movie Paan Singh Tomar, and everyone clapped, yes of course the people sitting in Parliament are dacoits. They have made this sacred place a general class toilet of Indian railway. Throw them out and you will get a temple/mosque/church or any other thing you want (I want a madhushala; anyways). The people who dare to say these things are being put behind the bars (reminds me of my college days – ‘SHUT UP’). Were we clapping for democracy or military junta in India at the time Pt. Nehru was uttering “At the stroke of the midnight when the world sleeps, India will awake for rise and freedom…”. Even Pandit ji would have been highly disappointed seeing this state of the country he fought the independence for. Once Atal Bihari Vajpayee gave severe blows to the Pandit ji’s policies in the parliament through his spear edged words. Later at a dinner hosted at the President House, Vajpayee was trying to hide himself at the back benches. Pandit ji caught him by his hand and brought him in front of media. He thanked him for his enlightening comments and told media that one day this young man shall be this country’s Prime Minister. Such was the respect for Freedom of Speech in the eyes of Pt Nehru. But this same  government, 50 yrs down the incident, at the same venue, on the same occasion, did not even put up chairs for the opposition at the dinner. The whole opposition was made to sit somewhere at back benches (still reminds me of college).

Or you are disappointed that Trivedi painted the National Emblem with Wolves. Now let me tell you the significance of Ashoka’s emblem that has been adopted as the National Emblem by the Government of India. It symbolizes Power, Courage and Confidence. But what if the power and courage is now being used by few peoples (representing the Government) against India and the Indians. The Lions, which signify that Rule of Law has to be enforced in all directions, have now become Wolves, who actually try to kill the rule of law and socio-economic justice. Is it not the right of us Indians to understand this and make efforts to destroy wolves and restore the Lions? Is it not our duty to eliminate the corrupt  who are actually prevailing in India. On one hand we have all the corrupt and tainted ministers out of jail and no one is saying them anything. CBI is openly being used to save them. The investigating agencies are moving slow against them (apparently to delay the proceedings) – Bhrastameva Jayate, and on the other hand we have common man being sent to jail for telling the truth – Satyameva Jayate.

Whose Jayate do you want? Bhrast or Satya.


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The Hindu : Opinion / Lead : A growing intolerance.

Rinkle Kumari aka Faryal Shah

Recently I came through a very interesting article on The Hindu Opinion/Lead page: A GROWING INTOLERANCE. Click Here to read

A very interesting fact highlighted by Ms Anita Joshua was that Jinnah, although being a Shia muslim, his state funeral was conducted through Sunni traditions. The country which does not have respect for its  “Father of the Nation” can never respect the minorities’ cultural and traditional beliefs. Its time Indian government must either start giving permanent visas to all the Hindus living in Pakistan (like Israel’s Law of Return which gives right to all the Jews anywhere in the world to return to Israel and gain citizenship) or take necessary measures for their safety through diplomatic process (which of course is not going to be successful).

Ms Joshua even highlighted the plight of not only the Hindus but also the Shia muslims and other minority sects of muslims in Pakistan. Even the Christians are not spared. Christians are so scared that they have started adopting Muslim names to hide their identities.Hindu girls are openly kidnapped, converted and then married off. Hindu community which are somewhat better than the Shia and Christians in terms of money and status (many of them are in civil services) are openly extorted of their cash and even shot dead.

However there is one problem in the implementation of Indian version of ‘Law of Return’ – India is a secular country and secularism does not favour any religion. If law is framed to bring back Hindus from Pakistan, the arguments will be put forward by many in the country citing it as anti-secular measure. On one hand we opened our borders for the Bangladeshis to come in during late 1960s, at the time when they were persecuted by the then Pakistan Government, but still we have locked doors for the Hindus of Pakistan who are meeting the same fate. And no one is even talking about it. On one hand thousands of families have managed to flee Pakistan and are staying in India amidst fear of being forcibly made to return to Pakistan by Indian authorities, if identified; and on the other hand we have one community destroying peace in various parts of the country and even damaging the Martyr’s memorial in Mumbai in support of their community members from Bay of Bengal. And guess they never have the fear of being sent back to their own country because most of them are recognised voters!


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I didn’t like Prakash Jha’s movie “Aarakshan”. This movie has hurt my sentiments; please throw Mr Jha out of India. Yes this is what going on in India, if you do not like someone’s art or literature, you have all the right to throw him out of India. But now the government is saying that they have not banned Salman Rushdie from coming to India, rather Rajasthan Police has advised him to stay away from India because if he dares to enter in India, some assassins from Mumbai underworld would kill him. But then why his video conferencing was banned? Are the Mumbai underworld assassins so technologically advanced that they can kill Mr Rushdie through Television?

This is not the first time; Salman Rushdie is coming to India. He came to India in 2007 for the same purpose, but there was no hue and cry then. So why now?

Mr Manmohan Singh calls Mr Gilani a “Man of Peace” and his government says that Rushdie has hurt the sentiments of Indians. And what about Mr Gilani? Has he not hurt the sentiments of Indians? Ask the relatives of those killed in 26/11 attack. Ask them who is a greater evil – Rushdie or Gilani? What message Mr Manmohan Singh is trying to give to the whole world that the biggest democracy of the world is incapable of giving protection to life and liberty of a person; the biggest democracy of the world is not able to protect the fundamental right of a person. So why the hell we spend so much of our money on security agencies. I suggest it’s time now we should lease out the security department to some European country or USA or NATO. Even the Indian citizens should now start fleeing this country because if the Indian government and its huge (so called) security and law & order enforcement agencies are incapable of giving protection to just one person, god save  the rest 1.2 billion people of this country. There are millions spent on the protection of politicians, even the most corrupted ones – A Raja, Kanimozhi and many others are escorted in and out of jail and courts under heavy bandobast, but one minute why do they take protection – the security agencies are incapable of giving protection, so why all this dramas of Z+ securities. Mr Manmohan Singh’s government is giving protection to Afzal Guru, Kasab and other like terrorists, but when it comes to common man, we see them die in front of Delhi High Court or in a Mumbai Local.

This is not the first time; government has banned any book in India. A book on Shivaji was banned because it hurt the sentiments of Marathis (supposedly Indians, however I doubt Thackerays); similarly one version of “Ramayana” was banned because it hurt the sentiments of Hindus and similarly books by Nathu Ram Godse. But how far it is justified to ban the authors? No doubt, books can be banned, but how can the authors be?  Advocates of Islam are arguing that being an Indian their sentiments have been hurt by Rushdie, so he should not be allowed to come to India. Fine, they have a point to an extent. Government can obviously take the help of CrPC and IPC and say they are justified in disallowing a person to come to India on the pretext of threat to law and order situation. But who has posed this threat – the Muslims. Who has given them right to create law and order threat? And then they speak of democracy and fundamental rights. Why didn’t they pose this same threat when MF Hussain was taking masochistic pleasure in painting Hindu Goddesses in sexual reunion with their own sons? Why didn’t they put pressure on Government to throw MF Hussain out of India? India being a secular country every religion should be respected – be it Hindu or Muslim or Christians or any other. And moreover government is creating distinction between MF Hussain and Salman Rushdie which is again against the Right to Equality (remember right to equality is available to aliens also).

And now this new drama – to ban the video conferencing. Why? Now the other day you will also ban him from speaking to his Indian friends over telephone. Okay the government can again take the benefit of laws, but the question still remains – threat from whom and why? MF Hussain, even after absconding from India (I use the word absconding because a non bailable arrest warrant was issued against him which he didn’t answer and fled) kept on giving interviews to Indian News channel and continuously kept on justifying his art and the Government still didn’t feel any threat to law and order. The Muslims were tight lipped. And then the height of shamelessness – Indian Ministry of External Affairs sent its delegates to request MF Hussain to return to India. On one hand the same government is disallowing Salman Rushdie to appear through video conferencing on the pretext of law and order disruption, on the other hand the same government’s external affairs Minister Mr SM Krishna is requesting MF Hussain to reconsider his plan of giving up Indian citizenship. The Hypocrites.

However, taking a liberal point of view and respecting the Muslim hardliners (this again does not mean I support Hindu hardliners like VHP, Rama Sene or Bajrang Dal), for a minute I can support the ban on Salman Rushdie’s India visit. The muslim hardliners constitute a big fraction of Indian population and it is the duty of the government to protect each and every citizens’ sentiments and religious feelings. So keeping in mind these duties of government, I can understand the justification on banning video conferencing too, but still one question remains – Why was he not banned from coming to India in 2007? He came to India then, he attended the literary fest, he spoke to his fans – why the Mumbai underworld assassins were not out to kill him that time? Why were their sentiments not hurt then? What is so special about 2012?


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Politicians are unanimously condemning this act. The winter session of parliament has not seen a single working day except those 4 hrs dedicated to Sharad Pawar getting slapped. Parliamentarians have no time to debate over important issues like Lokpal but want to debate on getting VIP lights over their vehicles. They passed their salary hike bill in a single day but it has been over 42 yrs since the debate of Ombudsman first came up. They were quick to condemn the attack on politicians but where do they hide themselves when politicians get charge sheeted for killing common man. Why are they not condemning the Rajasthan politician who murdered Bhanwari Devi. Why don’t they condemn criminal politicians like Sahabuddin or Raja bhaiya whose homes were found to contain tens of human skeletons when police teams raided their houses. Why no FIR is lodged against Digvijay Singh for publically beating the group of common men in Maharashtra whey they were protesting with black flags. They say India is a democratic country and so means employed by Anna Hazare is undemocratic, but why don’t they say that in democracy every one has right to show their disagreement by raising black flags, why were the common men beaten up by Digvijay Singh and followed by another cabinet ministers in Uttar Pradesh.

Politicians are saying that this is a dangerous trend coming up among the common men. They say that in a democratic country one cannot use force. But do they themselves follow these diktats. Common man can only throw a shoe or at most slap a politician but politician do more than these things. Whistle blower engineer gets murdered in Uttar Pradesh, yet politicians are not ready to strengthen Whistle blowers Protection Act, RTI activist get murdered in Bhopal, yet the politicians are thinking of diluting the RTI Act itself, forget about condemning or debating the murder in parliament. Ramdev’s rally is responded by police action at midnight, thousand gets beaten up including women and children, one of them even dies, and politicians speak of democratic means. Someone got to tell me under what democracy the government is justified to crackdown on silent protestors. Yes the silent, unarmed protestors get thrashed up in Indian democracy which the western countries christen as BANANA DEMOCRACY.

When politicians do; its correct, aur hum karen to saala character dheela.

According to Delhi police report, around 568 girls were molested or raped in Delhi in 2011 but Sheila Dixit is more worried about how to increase the real estate prices in Delhi, which were recently hiked 200% by her. There are thousands of people dying every day in India but govt says it cannot distribute rotting foods among poorest of the poor. It is more worried about appeasing the Pakistani Prime Minister, calling him a Peace Man. What peace Mr Gilani or his predecessors have brought to India, common man wants to know Mr Manmohan Singh. Its been three years and they have not hanged Kasab. He is the one who has killed 200 Indian people and now govt is feeding him through Indian people’s money. 8-10 yrs later he will demand to be let free as Rajiv Gandhi killers are demanding (However, I support the liberty for Rajiv Gandhi’s MURDERERS – its a debatable constitutional law issue).

Mr Manmohan Singh and his Planning Commission says 32 rupees (little over half a dollar) is sufficient to be called not-poor and cabinet ministers under him are looting millions. Caste and religion based politics have been witnessed in  India since the time of British. After independence to 90’s these factors played prominent role but were always discussed behind the stage. Caste based-vote bank politics was widespread but politicians had little fear in their minds that if they discuss these things in open they will get a bad name. But now the scenario is who the hell care for name…Amar Singh did all type of kidney drama to get bail, but as soon as out, he started campaigning against Maya govt, not a bit of shame. Whenever a politician goes to jail, this itself is very rare, he gets seriously ill and bring medical proofs of all types of diabetes, kidney and heart ailments, but next day after he is let out on bail, he calls a press conference. However this is again a lesser evil to get bail by getting hospitalised in AIIMS, now the politicians have become so shameless that they openly discuss the caste based and religion based vote banks. Mayawati has no shame in calling brahmin rally just to convince them that their caste would get special treatment if they vote her and the other day she calls schedule caste and backward caste rally to convince them about benefits the would receive if they vote her. Congress politicians feels no shame in discussing muslim reservation and they openly say that these steps are meant to safeguard muslim vote bank for 2014 elections. One politicians from Samajwadi party says that congress is planning to provide quota to muslim within OBC quota which would seriously affect the seats of Yadavas and other backward castes, the other politician devises a way out – he says give muslim separate quota away from OBC… a true Congress sympathiser.

Muslim backwards have already been included under OBC category, so what is the need of giving quota within quota. If you simply want to appease them, give them a separate quota, why this mask. Openly say that you want to implement Sachar commission and Rangnathan committee report which favours religion based reservations. According to Rangnathan committee report, there are less than 0.1% muslims in Indian army’s higher ranks and according to report this is the main  reason of Army’s widespread atrocities against Muslims in Kashmir. It even devises a plan out, says give muslims reservations at entry level and even in-service preference in promotion to higher ranks. It means if there is one higher rank and there are four suitable officers for the post – one brahmin, one rajput, one sikh and one muslim, give the post to muslim. True secularism. According to report, 17% of Indian population consists of muslims, so in order to make Indian army true secular army, 17% posts should be reserved for muslims at all ranks.

Now Congress govt’s blue eyed baby Mr Rahul Gandhi…he says UPites are Beggars and labourers. Well on this point I agree with Mr Gandhi. But tell me Mr Gandhi….your Great Grandfather Mr Jawahar Lal Nehru was from Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh….he fought and won all his elections from UP, Your grandmother fought and won all elections from Amethi, Uttar Pradesh, your father and mother both fought and won elections from Uttar Pradesh, you and your sister do the same….for over 40 yrs, Uttar Pradesh has seen Congress govt, and now you come and say UPites are beggars…yes they may be beggars but then can you say your family is not responsible for this.If Uttar Pradesh is a poor state, you are the rajkumar of this andher nagri. Every five year you come to Amethi to ask for votes, but have you ever seen the infrastructure of your constituency? Amethi does not have roads, electricity is rare commodity, no good school…yes literally no good school, no good hospital, not even for muslims who always dedicatively vote you every time and bring you back to parliament. Every year a politician get 5o million rupees for the development of his constitutency and your family had been getting this money for past 65 yrs, had you invested 1% of it in Amethi, it would have shamed Shanghai or New York.

Narendra Modi is somewhat a lesser evil, he knows he will not get muslim votes, but every 15 days you go to Ahmadabad you will see some changes – change for good – development for good – infrastructure and social service departments for good. And now congress party’s great brahmastra, remove AFSPA from Kashmir. Who the hell cares for the death of 13000 army personnel in Kashmir since 1988? Let them die? Security Forces are meant to die and they die silently. They are dying in Dantewada, they are dying in Manipur, they are dying in Kashmir. And there are no debates in parliament over their deaths. There are in fact victory parties organised at Jawahar Lal Nehru (JNU) university for celebrating the death of 76 crpf jawans in Dantewada. But when Kishenji die, there is huge cry every where in the country and guess what his FUNERAL WAS ATTENDED BY CONGRESS MINISTERS.

Now when Manipur has come up in discussion, let us throw some light over it. Manipur has been seen complete economic blockade for over three months now. Children are not going to schools and colleges because it has been forcibly shut down by rebels. LPG cylinder cost around 2000 rupees, petrol costs around 250 per litre, but Mamata ji says that she will not allow another hike in prices. Mamta ji – your state started crying when petrol prices reached 72 rupees but can’t you put pressure on your ally government at centre to listen to the cries of Manipuri people. No discussion has ever taken place in parliament over North Eastern states and no discussion shall ever take place for the relief of Manipuri kids.

In India we have Right to Education and Kapil Sibal is very much conscious of the fact that no dalit children be denied entry into private schools of Delhi. But tell me Mr Sibal are you the Minister of Delhi or India? Why don’t you say a word about the educational rights of thousands of Manipuri children. Oh I forgot you are so busy tackling Anna Hazare…..but why are you busy with Anna Hazare, its the Home Ministry’s, Law Ministry’s and Prime Minister’s problem. Why do you take so much interest in him. Why do you leave up your task and involve in other ministry’s task. You are distributing low cost ipad to children of Delhi, but what about those of Manipur. They do not want ipads, they just want their schools to be re-opened.

And then you say common man should not use violence during protest. They should come up with their folded hands to Ram Leela Maidan to protest and get beaten up by police.


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Now its time for all the Biharis, Jharkhandis and UPites (bhayyas) to flee Gujarat b’coz Raj Thackeray is the new friend of Narendra Modi. Raj Thackeray joined Modi in his Sadbhavana rally and openly supported Modi’s Prime Ministerial candidate. Not only Raj Tackeray but also Punjab Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal, whose police force committed atrocities on Bihari/Jharkhandi/Odishi/UP migrant labourers in Ludhiana was seen sharing podium with Modi.

Not only these regionalistic issues are going to crop up, but also wide scale misuse of law and law enforcement agencies are going to scale up, as was done during the tenure of Indira Gandhi. With supporters like Raj Thackeray and Prakash Singh Badal, Narendra Modi will for sure support or keep mute at their anti-migrants politics. The migrants who were in somewhat better condition in Gujarat till now, will have to now join the similar fate met by their friends in Punjab and Mumbai.

Another major controversy cropping up these days is the arrest of Gujarat cadre IPS officer Sanjay Bhatt. Bhatt who calls himself to be whistle blower and only ‘messiah police officer’ of muslims in Gujarat was arrested on the serious charges of abduction and coercing another police constable into giving false affidavit. The case being sub judice, I leave it to judiciary to unveil the truth behind the story, but surely the arrest of a senior Police officer will not only downgrade the morals of other police officers throughout the country but also anger and prejudice them against Narendra Modi. IPS officers in Gujarat  are already changing their cadres or opting for deputation to central government’s departments.

It has been long tested and successful theory of Congress government to put all the blame on the police officers and other bureaucrats and walk away clean handed. The mother who gave birth to this tactics is no other than Indira Gandhi. During Emergencies, widespread loot and crime was made by Indira Gandhi through police officers. Booth capturing at the local elections, assassinations of political opponents, threat and coercive measures were all done by police officers on the orders of Indira Gandhi. But soon after the emergency times were over and a peace loving non Congress Government came to power at the centre, Indira Gandhi sidelined herself by saying that all the crimes were committed by the police officers on their own and she has no relationship with them. The police officers were arrested in dozens and quintals.

Even in recent times, we see the same trend of Congress govt. in throwing up all the blame on police and simply walking away. Be it the case of baton charge on Ramdev’s rally or arrest of Anna Hazare, the Home MInistry has only one thing to say – ‘Go and ask Police Commissioner, we don’t know anything’. Recently Pranab Da sidelined himself from 2G controversy by saying that the letter sent by his office was not his but drafted and sent by his ministry’s bureaucrats.

At least this was not the case with BJP govt till now. But now everything seems to be carbon copies. All politicians are of similar origin. Police being used again. Courts being made temples of God Modi, whistle blowers being put behind bars and Human Rights activists being sidelined. Every game has rules – including politics. The rule, although loosely, is followed by almost all the civilized nations, except India. Here politicians only indulge in making press statements and that too about works the other party did during their regime. BJP blames congress for being corrupt, Congress hits back by saying, ‘what you did during your tenure to fight corruption’. No one is interested in present or future, only blame game and mudslinging is the rule. What will common man do? There are fasts being carried out for 72 hrs in the name of sadbhavana, but what about the 70% of the Indian population who is 365 days a year on fast (Tendulkar committee report says 70% of India’s population survives on less that 20 rupees per day, less than half a dollar).


Well when Narendra Modi is only the Chief Minister, he is creating tremors, what will happen if he becomes the Prime Minister – The Indira Gandhi Part II. However for now I would like to warn the Biharis and other similars to start finding some other alternatives – Gujarat is not going to be the same again. Oh but what if Modi becomes the PM, Prakash Singh Badal becomes the Deputy PM and Raj Thackeray becomes the Home Minister, where will all the Biharis, UPites and Jharkhandis go.

However to counter Prakash Singh Badal we have our true friends – The Kangaroos. No surprise why there is increase in violence against Punjabi (i stress Punjabi, not Indian) students in Australia. Australian Police chief has advised Punjabi students to not to wear expensive clothes in the market, not to use iPods in public, to dress poorly so that Australian students may show some pity on them. Rightly said – What goes around, comes around. “We Love We Love AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE…..”


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controversially YOUR VENDETTA

I characterize it as publicity stunts. You may differ. I find similarities between Shoiab Akhtar and a  bania (shopkeeper) who once advertised that the local MLA has told his secretary to fetch better rice and pulses than his shop for her daughter’s marriage b’coz he was envy (scared in shoaib’s case) of his quality.

The drama started on 23rd Sept around noon when few minutes before the launch of his book in Delhi, he tried to raise a controversy by saying Sachin was scared of him. After being successful in his plan, he tried to rest the hurricane by giving clarifications the very same evening. But till then the ball was out of his court. Not only Indians but also the Pakistan’s famous cricket players were disgusted at his comment. But was THIS the shoaib actually intended?


And now its Shahid Afridi who says that he has seen Sachin’s legs shaking (literally) while facing Rawalpindi Express. Mr Shahid Afridi seems to be a glib liar whose smoothness itself is suspicious. Both of them know that they are lying – not only both of them but nearly every cricketer and cricket fans are aware of this. Pakistan Cricket Board has gone far to say that Shoiab was a problem for them when inside the team and now also when outside the team.

His autobiography may not have yet reached the readers but the contents are already out. Search the net and you will find the excerpts quoted form his book. So Mr Shoiab, Mission Accomplished. Your book is going to be this year’s best seller. Cheers!

A brief intro:

Well the book marks Akhtar’s journey from an economically deprived childhood, when his family couldn’t even afford new clothes for Eid, to breaking into the Pakistani team, to becoming the man that broke the 100mph barrier.

Keeping with the title and his career record, the book is filled with  controversial revelations and is mainly a work of personal vendetta. In his autobiography, Akhtar termed the former IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi and Shahrukh Khan as cheats who swindled him out of his fair share of the IPL money and has revealed that Shahrukh Khan never wanted him in his team, the Kolkata Knight Riders, but it was Sourav Ganguly who got him included.

Akhtar has taken jibes at his former captains in the book saying that Wasim Akran wanted to end his career and that Shoaib Malik was a PCB ‘stooge’.

Taking a dig at the Indian greats, Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid, Akhtar has called them as ‘not match winners’ and considers Dravid to be better than the little master. He says that neither Dravid nor Sachin knew how to finish matches.

He also accused Tendulkar of being scared of him and his scorching pace and cites an incident that happened in Faisalabad where he believed Tendulkar chickened out.

Talking about ball tampering and his two suspensions by the ICC for the offense, Akhtar admits to tampering with the ball and even cites examples of how he doctored the ball on different occasions

Leveling accusations at his contemporaries in the Pakistani team, Akhtar has revealed that all Pakistani fast bowlers indulged in ball tampering. He even narrates an incident where an unnamed Pakistani cricketer switched the ball in the umpires pocket during lunch session so that he could make it reverse swing.


These revelations and his journey from poor childhood to the status he achieved may not be interesting enough to make you put down you other works and spend few hours reading them; there are hundreds of other such biographies in the market. John Wright’s autobiography ‘Indian Summers’ revealed more interesting secrets from ‘inside the dressing room’. Similarly South African cricketer Herschelle Gibbs autobiography ‘To the Point’ is more sensational and controversial if you compare it to Shoiab’s. Gibbs disclosed drinking, drugs and sexual intimacies as day to day life of cricketers and even cited few examples when his team members were busy smoking Hashish on West Indies tour and involved in group sex on Australian tour in 1998-99. So if you only want to read masala and recipies of cricketer’s secret life there are better books in the market. However, Shoiab and his publisher won’t mind b’coz after all these dramas they would be looking forward to sell a million copies in the very first week.

By looking at these publicity stunts coming up in bollywood and cricket world, even I am thinking of publishing my autobiography and guess what my book is going to sell over 10 million copies, you know why. No you guessed wrong – not b’coz my story is great but b’coz before the release I am going to make a press statement that Mr Manmohan Singh’s economic policies during 1990s were actually mine… he stole it form me.


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