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CLICK HERE to read an interesting article from THE HINDU, dated 04 Oct. 2012.

I do not know much of the incidents in and around Operation Blue Star but one thing I am sure that Jarnail Singh Brar/Bhindranwale was allotted 10 arms licenses at a stretch on the recommendations of PMO, which was then headed by Mrs Indira Gandhi. Jarnail had earlier campaigned a lot for the Congress party in assembly elections and even fielded his candidates for SGPC elections. After being unsuccessful in democratic methods, he was frustrated and wanted to try other means to get in power. It was this power-hunger of Jarnail which made him fall in the trap of the ex Chief Minister of Punjab Giani Zail Singh and Mrs Gandhi. Both of them used Jarnail to destabilise the Akali Dal government of Prakash Singh Badal in Punjab. And they were even successful to some extent. Jarnail carried out widespread killings of Nirankaris and Hindus including Lala Jagat Narain. But soon Mrs Gandhi’s pet turned against her and pointed the barrel at her own godmother. He called her bitch and all other sorts of name. But even then Mrs Gandhi was assured that Jarnail would return to her with swinging tails and so she even asked the then Haryana Chief Minister Bhajan Lal to go slow on Jarnail.

Jarnail never actually demanded Khalistan in the first place but warned his sikh brothers of insecurity they are facing in the ocean of Hindus. Although later he said on one occasion that if he is granted a separate country, he would not refuse. Obviously this statement came under the influence of ISI who provided him arms and money. Mrs Gandhi kept on ignoring Jarnail and considered him as a minor threat. She was more occupied with the Red Terrorists emerging in the eastern part of the country then. But when she actually thought of teaching Jarnail a lesson, he had went inside the temple with arms and ammunition and had strongly fortified it. He was infact warned by his ISI friends of a military crackdown, today or tomorrow.

Many top army brass refused to carry out the operation and had to face the wrath of Mrs Gandhi. Finally it was Gen Vaidya who took up the job of leading his men into the most controversial military operation of the world. He was supported by Mr Brar. It was Brar’s decision to call in the tanks to make a final assault. Within minutes of the involvement of the tanks, Bhagwan Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale a.k.a. Bhindru was dead.

But still some questions haunt the Sikh community people and the personnel of Indian Amry:

QUE 1) Was Indian Army and its personnel who carried out Operation Blue Star did anything wrong?

QUE 2.) Was Bhindranwale a freedom fighter and thus a martyr or simply a terrorist?

QUE 3.) Is the assassination of Gen Vaidya and attempted assassination on Lt. Gen Brar justified?

QUE 4.) Why was Bhindranwale allowed in the first place to have weapons and also allowed to fortify the Golden Temple premises?

Questions may be lot more, but the answer lies in an another incident which took place in Akshardham temple of Gujarat where around 200-250 devotees were taken hostage by two terrorists. NSG commandos were deputed to flush out the terrorists and they did the job as usual. However they even lost one of their companion in the gunfight. Around 40-50 civilians also died in the crossfire. But no hindu came up and said  that the NSG operation was not justified or those who entered the Akshardham temple to kill the terrorists must be assassinated, etc etc. Even the muslims of India and most of the other nations of the world do not call those terrorists as martyrs as terrorists do not have any religion or ideology. They are simply psychopaths suffering from some sort of serious neuron disorder. So why are these sikhs making so much brouhaha. Bhindru was a terrorist and so was gunned down. Sikh should in fact be thankful to people like Mr Brar who freed the community of its stain.


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